April 15, 2011

I really enjoyed the opportunity to learn about various social media tools in this class. I feel kind of lucky that I wasn’t taking a full course load, because I had some extra time to play around with different applications… In some cases, it took having a class assignment to challenge me to really examine a new social media tool (mashups… ugh!). And it seems to me that social media has never been more timely – it seems to be playing a significant role in the current election. Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube and Facebook are being used to promote the website shitharperdid.com, which apparently received 3.5 million hits in the first 36 hours! It’s been fascinating to watch this go viral, and to imagine the impact it could have on the outcome of the election.

I feel like the class lessons really made me take social media more seriously than I had previously. And the assignments helped me to understand how social networking tools can be used for promotion and communication – what works and what doesn’t. I know that I will continue to use Twitter, and I’m hoping to start a new blog soon…

Thanks to Diane and all my classmates for making this a great class!

(P.S. Here’s a link to the first YouTube video I uploaded. It’s an xtranormal video that I made with my daughter two years ago. And also, feel free to check out the Flickr photos of bread that I made. It’s organic sourdough bread.)


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